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Sexcapades: Olivia’s Creepy Seduction – Part 1


It was a cold and windy night, with us just lying in bed about to go to sleep. All of a sudden I felt his gentle hand grabbing my hips firmly but softly. His thumb begins making small circles on my stomach sending shivers down my spine.

He whispers baby I love you and kisses my shoulder. I could feel him growing hard against my ass. I try to ignore it and sleep but I’m burning up underneath the sheets. Are you ok? He asks sounding truly worried. I tell him I’m fine that it’s just a bit hot. Sorry, that’s my fault he breathes into my neck and kisses it. His arm pulls me closer and he purposely presses himself into me, still kissing my neck and rubbing my belly.

Are you trying to seduce me? I giggle. I’m afraid he knows its working.

Only one way to find out, I take his hand and guide it between my leg, shivering. He pressed his finger gently over my pussy and sighs I satisfaction.

I roll over so that I’m facing him and pull him into a deep kiss. I then pushed my hips into his and grind against his d**k. His hand grabs my ass and I straddle his pelvis. Are you trying to seduce me, he jokingly asked.

Nope, I whisper. I’m succeeding. My right-hand slips between us and I feel his crotch. I bite my lip and he sits up a little and begins kissing my neck moving down to my chest. Alas! My hand begins to massage his manhood as it presses firmly into my pussy and I moan loudly. His hands grip my ass and he smacks it.

You’ve been a very naughty girl he growls. My thoughts travel to our hips and I sigh in desperation.

You started it” I tried to utter in between laboured breathing.

He sticks his tongue between my breasts and quickly licks up. I’m gonna finish it. He pushes me off of him and grabs a condom by his bedside table. When he faces me again, he holds my hands behind my back and tucks the unopened condom in my bra. Hold this, he laughs.

“Yes, sir”. I don’t think he respects my reply and I blush widely. After a deep pause, he kisses me quickly and tells me I’m a good girl before working down back on my stomach. Trust me, by now the tension is killing me and I want him already, I beg him to touch me already, I told him to show me how much he loves me, I told him to fuck me, and I knew I couldn’t take back those words….

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