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Sex: Less stressful positions all lazy girls will love


Having sex feels awesome and is an important part of a healthy relationship. However, it can get tough when trying to get in the mood especially when you are really tired.

But not to worry, as we’ve got you covered, below are some sex positions that will get the job done.

1. The missionary

Missionary is a go-to position anytime, any day. This position requires one of you to really exert any effort. When all else fails, use this classic to lay back and enjoy the ride.

The missionary


2. The face-off

Why not make things fun by crawling on top of him and watching while you get down on him, and it’s not necessary to leave the couch.

The face-off


3. The downward dog

This is definitely more for those nights when you feel like combining your yoga skills with your sex life. In this variation, you get to lie on your stomach and use a fluffy pillow.

The downward dog


4. The chairman

It’s you just sitting down but in this position, you are literally sitting on your man, more like giving him a lap dance.

The chairman


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