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Sex: 5 basic positions if you have roommates


Just when you think they are sleeping, they might be wide awake.

We all know or roommates have sex. However, nobody wishes to hear or see the action. So, just save everyone the trouble and learn these five positions for that sneaky erotic sex.

1. Ground dog

Start by putting a pillow under your knees and get down on the ground for a ‘cornered’ doggie. And if you’re the loud type get next to the bed, prop a pillow between your mouth and the mattress and moan away or play some really loud music and you can be even louder.

Ground dog

2. Headboard banger

He sits at the edge of the bed, you kneel over him, facing away and delicately sit back onto his dick. Put a hand on his thighs for stability and grip your feet back around his butt. Grind and wiggle very slowly for supreme silence.

Headboard banger

3. Fast and extreme

This position is for quickies. Lean over the bed, with one knee up on the mattress. Have him stand behind you, one leg on the floor, opposite foot propped on the mattress. He can grab hold of your hips for vigorous penetration.

Fast and extreme

4. Bathroom rest

You can go to the bathroom if your roommate won’t leave the room. Sit up on the sink and have your lover enter standing. Clasp your hand between your bodies so you can rub yourself as he penetrates. Run a bath during, so you can be a little loud.

Bathroom rest

5. Fuck and spread

Fuck and spread

Sit on the sofa and cover yourselves with a big sheet for secret mutual masturbation, but stay fully clothed. However, if someone walks in, no one has to die of embarrassment, just shut it down and try to act innocent.

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