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Post Pregnancy Sex: 5 things you need to know about it after giving birth


You literally can’t sleep because you need to attend to your crying baby. However, you will eventually adjust, and the things that were so normal in your pre-baby life like sensual sex will replay again.

Most people talk about the six-week mark milestone before resuming sex. You have to go for a follow-up visit where they examine you, and if all is well, they give you the go-ahead to resume sex and exercise.

So when you are finally ready for sex, below are things you can expect.

1. May hurt a bit

Whether you had your baby through a C-section or normally (Vagina birth), your body definitely went through a lot to deliver a baby. So depending on any issues with birth, sex may feel a little uncomfortable or painful.

2. Unusual discharge

You might need to always wear industrial sized-pads because you bleed a lot during that time. But after some time the bleeding stops and you see changes in the colour of your vaginal discharge or bright red spots.

3. Things may feel different for a while

You might get worried about your vagina being stretched out, and sex won’t feel as pleasurable. But the elasticity of the vagina is impressive. It will return to its normal shape and characteristics, but that can take time.

4. You feel different

Having a baby is a big step, physically as well as emotionally. You may feel disconnected from your partner, which can make it difficult to get in the mood. But talking to your partner and being really open about what you’re going through will help a lot.

5. Normalcy returns

The good news is that your sex life with your partner will probably be back to normal within a year, regardless of if you had a C-section, a vaginal delivery, or even experienced tearing down there. Your sexual function, desire, arousal, and orgasm will all improve. It’s all looking up from here.

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