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Headaches, Crying & More: 5 possible side effects of experiencing orgasm



It sounds like something isn’t right with this statement, it’s orgasm, it’s supposed to feel good, and don’t get it wrong, orgasms feel good but it just turns out that for some people, post orgasm can be bad experience.

Yes, it can be troubling, we all understand how it is difficult to get ladies to orgasm, to think that after achieving that feat, the person experience negative effects.

This was revealed in the Sexual Medicine Reviews journal. This discovery was simplified by two physicians that participated in the study, they called this “peri-orgasmic phenomena” or simply put a weird or unusual psychological or physical symptoms that can result from experiencing orgasm.

1. Sneezing

Few people begin sneezing just after orgasm.
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In the rare occurrence of feeling off after an orgasm, some people have been known to begin sneezing after orgasm. One reason why this may happen is as a result of wires ‘crossing’ each other in the autonomic nervous system, this is the part of the brain that controls involuntary action such as breathing and sneezing.

A simple cure for this can be to use long lasting nasal decongestants before having sex.

2. Orgasmolepsy

The second side effect makes the first one seem like child’s play, as you can see towards the end of the word, lepsy. It’s just as you’ve guessed, this is when the person experience epileptic seizures just after experiencing orgasm. This is clearly very risky, medically it is believed to be caused by lesions in the part of the brain that is responsible for sexual behavior. Thankfully enough, it can be treated with antiepileptic drugs.

3. Headaches

This type of post-orgasm headache can last for few hours.
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This is perhaps the most popular side effect of orgasm amongst the people who experience these negative effects. It usually manifests as explosive headache that descends before an orgasm or during. This type of headache can last between a couple of minutes and some hours. Only about 1 percent of the entire population experience this, and medications for blood pressure and migraine can help alleviate these symptoms. There was the case of a man who has been having them for 2 years, he later found out about a damaged artery in his brain, probably what caused his demise.

4. Post-Coital Dysphoria

Another side-effect of orgasm is that it can lead to depression and crying, for this particular one, it doesn’t need to end in orgasm for the side-effects to kick in. The feelings can last for an hour, and they’re not usually from unwanted sexual activity.

A study carried out revealed that 32.9 percent of women have experienced this before, and 10 percent had experienced them in the last month. This doesn’t leave out men. Men can begin to carry after sex too.

5. Weakness

Another side effect of orgasm is intense tiredness, sometimes zero muscle movement.
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There have been reports too about sudden weakness of the body after experiencing orgasm. Some of the people it affects complain of no muscular movement for a couple of seconds even up to 30 seconds. Other studies have found out that this condition can be linked to narcolepsy, a sleep disorder, treatment of this can be done with narcoleptic drugs.

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