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For Men: 3 awkward things that happen to your body when you don’t have sex for a while


Sex is fun, and you should be having as much of it as you can, and you might be missing out on the many health benefits of having sex regularly.

We definitely know, you might not be able to have sex regularly due to some factors like your partner being out of town, or you’re just in between relationships.

But below are things that actually happen to your body if you don’t have sex for a long time.


1. Your rhythm is off

Normally, it takes a while to familiarize yourself with the erogenous zones, so imagine not having sex for about 3 months or so, it might be hard to locate the erogenous zones again. However, your partner can make navigation easy and even if you don’t have one ejaculating frequently can help relieve some of the effects of not having sex frequently.

2. You are at a high risk of blood pressure

A good round of sex can literally make everything feel good. It might be the pressure at work and those steamy deadlines, trust us, you will feel less tense when you constantly get laid. And scientifically, having regular sex had lower levels of blood pressure than those who weren’t having intercourse.


3. May affect your work performance

You will feel insanely horny and turned on by even a slightly curvaceous shawty that passes you by and the part where you’re down and can’t even be motivated to get off the couch. So, if you have an active sex life you will be much happier at work.

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