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Erotic Story/ Grace, The House Girl: Grace goes naughty at the hospital



He grabbed her ass, and spanked it hard making her let out muffled screams,

Sweat was dripping from his body as he slammed his hard erection in her, he gripped her hair making her moan as he continued to pleasure her, she was close

Next she received a back hand slap from her madam,

She jumped up,

“How many times, I go tell you make you dey wake up before everybody?” she made to slap her again but Grace sprinted out of the room

“Sorry madam” She screamed

She cursed her under breath, damn the weather is too hot these days.

She didn’t know which one was more painful the tinge of pain on her face from the slap or the fact that her dream was cut short.

She worked slowly and filled the drums, then she tried to wake the last child ,

The kid was burning up, and refused to wake up

“Madam, madam, junior no wake up ” Grace said trembling

The Madam ran into the room, carried him and asked her to bring water which they splashed on his face, still the kid remained immobile

They carried the kid in their neighbor’s car and rushed him to the clinic from where they refused to take the kid and referred them to the General hospital.

They reached the hospital and the nurses carried the kid put him on a stretcher and moved him to the ICU

There the kid was placed on intensive care.

After a while the doctor came out and told them that Junior was going be okay,

Madam stopped pacing and asked Grace to stay with Junior .

“Collect this phone, make you fit call me if anything happen, if you trowey my phone I go kill you” She barked at her, as she left to make deposits to then go home.

Grace hated hospitals especially the weird smell but mostly because of the pregnancy drama but she knew better than to argue with her madam.

Grace moved towards the ward Junior was transferred to, sat next to his bed.

She hissed at her predicament but felt pity for Junior after one phone call from her madam and 3 hours of doing nothing she was bored.

Her stomach soon started rumbling, she considered calling her madam but she thought otherwise.

She placed her head on the edge of the bed and imagine her unfinished dream she tried to resist the urge to touch herself but the heat in the air didn’t help matters

She started by dipping her hands into her pants thankfully Junior’s bed was close to the wall.

And slowly stroked her clit, there was a different thrill to it as danger of being caught , she slowly put her finger in to her wetness and continued to fuck herself she added her another finger and bit the back of her her free hand to muffle the moans

She was close to cumming, when she heard the doctor say

“Don’t stop on my account, please continue”

She was startled at first but the throbbing need between her thighs made her not care about the consequences

She made a cute face and put the fingers she pulled from pussy into her mouth

“You fit help me continue?” She said flirtingly

She saw his countenance change into the hungry one she has seen in men so often

The doctor moved close to her and asked to follow him slowly he made his way out of the hall

Grace took her time to look around before going after the doctor as instructed

She saw him enter a small closet, she waited to make sure there was no one looking before entering the place.

She felt hard hands on her body, and his weight push her into the wall, her head hit the wall slightly but her gripping desire made the pain irrelevant

She quickly pull down her gown to expose her boobs,

Which he gripped with his strong hands and squeezed them lightly, she used her hand to squeeze his hands on her boobs motioning for a harder grip, which he did

She then pulled his head into her boobs, watching as he hungrily sucked her nipples

She pulled at his belts and unbuckled it she went on her knees and stroked his dick and bopped her head on his erect dick her mouth could hardly cover the whole length so she used her hands to stroke the shaft of the dick as she kept on sucking the tip her held mouth and started to fuck her mouth till he started to hit the back of her throat with his dick,

She gasped as she pulled out the dick from her mouth,

As soon as she stood up she faced the wall and spread her ass cheeks a little to give him access to his wet pussy,

she spread her ass more for him and she moaned as his big dick penetrated her pussy,

He continued to thrust in deep making her bite her lips as she felt the pleasure overwhelming her body, he spanked her hard and it was exactly what she needed

He held her ass then pulled out and slammed deep into her wet pussy

Making her moan out loud

She was close and she knew it,

“Faster” She screamed as she came with his dick still inside of her

He lifted her up and carried her as she guided his dick into her pussy

He started to fuck her making her bounce on his dick with her legs in the air. Her fingers dug into his back as she came all over him screaming out loudly, he managed few more strokes before he came hard filling her warm cunt with his hot load.

While she was dressing up, he wrote something on a paper and gave her with a thousand naira note

“Get this from the pharmacy and meet me in my office” he said

“Yes doctor” she said with a naughty smile

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