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Erotic Story/Edymaniac: Dele’s escapade with his wife’s sister (Part 6)



“Probably as long as it’s been since I’ve tasted a woman’s charms,” He answers, following anxiously. When they first got married he tried to get Bisola to let him eat her pussy but she thought it was the most disgusting thing she had ever heard of so he backed off.

Now he’s about to taste his sister-in-law’s sweet nectar. His dick is fully erect and throbbing with anticipation.

“I like that,” She says quietly as she crawls onto the bed and lies on her back.

“Tasting a woman’s charms. Very poetic,” she smiles and spreads her legs invitingly.

“Wow!” He whispers as he positions himself between her legs.

“You really are wet.” Her thighs are wide apart and her pussy lips are glistening with moisture. He breathes deeply through his nose, drawing in her womanly aroma. Damn! It’s like an intoxicant, getting him high on the smell of her dripping pussy. Even though she doesn’t need much teasing, he licks all around her pussy anyway, avoiding her smooth labia for now.

“Mmmmmm,” She moans, wiggling around and trying to get his tongue to make contact with her pussy lips. Finally, he leans his face directly over her spread open pussy and takes one long lick from the bottom of her slit to the top of her clit. The taste, mixed with her aroma, is fucking incredible and he feels like he could almost cum just eating her.

“Oh yeah! Oh Dele!” she moans as he gently sucks one of her pussy lips into his mouth. Swirling his tongue all around it, he lightly nibbles on it before moving to the other one and sucking it in his mouth.

“Oh God! That feels so good!” she sighs. He slides his arms behind her knees, lifting her legs to give him better access to her juicy opening. Slipping his tongue between her wet lips, he laps up her juices and tongue fucks her anxious pussy.

“Oh! Dele! Oh! Fuck!” she cries as he slides his tongue in and out of her slippery hole. She is soaking wet and her juices are coating his mouth and cheeks as he move his head from side to side. Lola is thrashing around on the bed, grabbing his hair and humping her steamy pussy against his mouth.

“Oh God! Yes!” Lola exclaims as he moves his tongue up to lick the top of her slit, just below her clit. Slipping two fingers into her pussy, he pumps them in and out and lightly flicks his tongue across her exposed clit. By the time he sucks her clit into his mouth, she’s nearly hysteric.

“Ohhhhhhhhh! OHHHH!” Lola’s moaning and twisting her body around, humping his fingers and pushing her clit against his mouth. “Don’t stop! I’m cumming, Dele! Don’t fucking stop!”

She’s holding his head while her pussy feverishly against his mouth. He keeps sucking her clit, trying to keep it in his mouth as she writhes around on the bed. Just as he thinks he can’t stay with her, she clamps her pussy muscles around his fingers and lets out a loud moan.

“Uhhhh!” she screams, squashing his head tightly against her pussy as she shakes and shivers through her orgasm. When she finally releases the pressure on the back of his head, he starts lapping up her sweet, delicious pussy juice. Damn! It’s been so long and it tastes so good that he just keeps licking her juices and eating her pussy until she starts rocking against his mouth again.

Once more, using his fingers on her pussy, he sucks on her clit and he eats her through another intense orgasm. This time she’s even more excited, twisting all over the bed, grabbing his head and grinding her pussy into his face until he can hardly breathe. When she finally cums, it’s like someone opened the floodgates; pussy juice is gushing all over his face and running down his chin.

Before she even catches her breath, he moves up her body, trailing kisses across her stomach, nibbling her erect nipples and positioning his hard dick at the entrance to her pussy. Pushing his pussy-soaked tongue in her mouth, he glides his dick into her welcoming pussy, rocking gently until he’s completely buried in her steamy hole. The moist heat surrounding his dick sends shivers through his body as her hot velvet walls tighten around him.

Damn! She feels so good! His tongue explores her mouth as he slowly withdraws his dick until just the head is resting between her moist lips. With one quick thrust, he slams back in and his balls slap against her ass cheeks. He presses his dick into her, not moving it as her pussy shudder around him.

“Oh! God! Dele!” she breaks the kiss and he feels her shiver beneath him, her pussy spasming around his motionless dick. “I’ve never had so many…” she doesn’t finish because he’s started rapidly pumping his dick in and out of her hot pussy.

“Oh yeah! Oh! Dele!” She wraps her arms and legs tightly around him as he pounds her soaked pussy. His dick is aching for release now and he thrusts harder and faster, driving them both into a sweat-soaked excitement.

“Ohmygawd! Ohhhhhh! Yeah!” Lola tightens her arms around him, digging her nails into the middle of his back. He feels her legs loosen from his sides as she plants her feet on the bed and thrusts her hips up to meet his quickening strokes. They’re both in a wild state, slamming against each other as their pleasure builds to a raw peak.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!! Yeeeeeeessss!” Lola scratched his back and squeezes her pussy muscles around his dick as she tremble through another dick-drenching orgasm. Dele doesn’t even try to hold back, pounding into her one final time, his dick erupts deep inside her sensitive pussy. He jerkily shoots several more spurts into her quivering hole before collapsing on her breasts and pressing his lips to hers.

They kiss passionately while their bodies shiver and shake through the after throes of their heat-crazed lovemaking. For a few blissful minutes, no one else exists in the world except the two of them.

“I’ve never…” she whispers, still catching her breath.

“Me neither,” he answers, kissing her again as his dick stirs inside her pussy. She smiles at him questioningly while raising her eyebrows with a look of disbelief.

“It’s what you do to me,” he answers and starts moving inside of her.

“Stop,” she pleads, gently pushing him off of her, “you’re going to very tired” He reluctantly withdraws his recovering dick from her warm cum-filled pussy.

“Besides,” She smiles, “I haven’t tasted you today.” She rolls him onto his back and rises up on her knees beside him. Wrapping her hand around his semi-erect dick, she stretches her tongue out and starts licking her juices from around his dick.

“God, Lola!” He breathes as she moves between his legs and feeds his rapidly recovering dick into her warm mouth. Sliding her lips halfway down the length of him, she flicks her tongue against the sensitive underside. Damn! He can’t remember being more aroused or more pleasured than he is right now. Lola sucks on the head of his dick while wanking her hand up and down his slick shaft.

Dele closes his eyes and lays his head back as Lola sucks and caresses his balls. Her hard nipples brush against his thighs as her very talented tongue dances around his dick. It’s too much and he feels the tension building rapidly.

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