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Erotic Story/Edymaniac: Dele’s escapade with his wife’s sister (Part 4)



“I was out of it,” She admits, pushing her nipple closer to his mouth.

“I remember how blissful it felt at the end; like fireworks were going off deep inside of me, shooting pleasure rockets all through my body.”

Her pussy is starting to send arousal signals to her now as she rocks her breasts against her brother’s face.

“Yeah,” Yinka agrees,

“That summarises it.” His lips brush her sensitive nipple as he speaks.

“I’m so sorry,” He says trying to move away from her.

Yinka just watches, fascinated by how her lips stretch to accommodate his thickness. When the wet heat of her labia engulfs his dick, he sighs heavily, leaning back and closing his eyes. Absolutely heavenly!

“Ahh! Ahhh! Ahhhhh!” She moans as she pushes more and more of her brother’s big dick into her warm pussy. It feels like nothing she’s ever imagined. So full… so tantalizing… so completely beyond description. When her wet pussy lips finally touch the base of his dick, she stops moving and squeezes her vaginal muscles as she squirms around to get comfortable.

“Ohmygod! Bisola!” Yinka cries, his eyes bulging at the sight of his sister impaled on his throbbing dick. He instinctively reaches for her breasts, caressing and teasing as she starts rocking back and forth. All thoughts of penance are forgotten as the siblings lose themselves in the pleasure of their forbidden love.

She rides him like a wild woman, bouncing so frantically on her brother’s dick that she almost bounces off. Her drenched pussy flies all the way to the tip before slamming down around his shaft, sending shivers of pleasure throughout their bodies.

“Oh Yinka!” she cries but her brother can’t hear her over his own moans. Yinka has never dreamed of anything remotely close to this. The pleasure is agonizing and he is about to burst. His sister’s pussy continues to assault his throbbing dick and he squeezes her breasts tightly as he jerks his hips off the bed.

“Oh! Bisola!” He screams as she drives them both to explosive, rocket launching orgasms. She clamps her vaginal muscles around his dick as it spasms inside of her, spewing its hot liquid into her pussy.

Collapsing on his chest, she kisses her brother passionately as she bathes in the blissful afterglow of her release, unaware that it may be the last orgasm of her life.

Bisola spends several days trying to seduce her brother into more incestuous lovemaking but Yinka refuses any further advances, scolding her for wanting to live a sinful life.

True to his word, Yinka does his research and uses the complex logic that has been drummed into him since childhood to arrive at the appropriate penance. Neither one of them, he explains to Bisola, can ever enjoy sex again. They can marry and fornicate for procreation but they can never again experience the blissful feelings they achieved during their incestuous sins.

They vow their penance to each other, and they never speak of it again.

When Bisola returns to her bed, Dele is sleeping peacefully. She slides in on her side of the bed, wishing that for just one night she could forgo her vow. But she is strong and unwilling to bring her curse onto her husband.

As she lies next to him, she remembers the scripture her brother cited so long ago.

“If a woman profane herself by playing the whore, she shall be burnt with fire. Leviticus 21:9.” He also added.

“A man shall not take a wife that is a whore, or is profane. Leviticus 21:7.” As she falls asleep, she renews her vow; she will not be a whore, Dele doesn’t deserve to be cursed.

In the weeks following the dinner party, his sister-in-law starts occupying most of Dele’s sexual fantasies. Every Sunday at church, Lola smiles and winks at him from across the rows. He can’t tell if it’s his imagination or if she’s actually flirting with him.

He thinks his fantasies are making him read more into her smile than she intends. At the next family dinner, he makes sure to go out on the balcony again, hoping she’ll join him. Several minutes later he’s not disappointed.

“How’s it going?” she asks, raising her eyebrows as he lights her cigarette. “Any luck in breaking through the sexual inhibitions?” she asks without preamble.

“Uh… no,” he answers, staring at her.

“How about you?” The more he sees Lola, the more appealing she looks. Tonight she’s wearing a tight skirt that shows off her firm round ass cheeks and a blouse stretched across her ample breasts.

“The same,” she says.

“He’s so gentle and caring, but sometimes a girl needs more, you know?”

“Yeah,” he whispers, wondering where this is going. Dele has always liked Lola, but they’ve never had a conversation like this before. Maybe she’s as frustrated as he is and wants someone to confide in.

“I don’t want to leave him but I don’t want to live like a reverend sister either,” She says. “It’s not that I don’t get opportunities. I could cheat in a heartbeat, but there’s no one that I’m interested in or trust enough…” Her voice trails off.

“I know what you mean,” he tells her, his dick stirring at the possibilities that this conversation provides. She looks up at him, just staring, like she’s making up her mind about something.

“I’ve seen you watching me in church,” She says, moving closer to him. “You don’t look like you’re thinking sacred thoughts.”

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