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Erotic Story/Crazy Lenny: Folake and her naughty friends’ erotic sleepover (Part 23)


Wrapping her legs around me, she digs her heels into my ass and pushes me further inside. Folake and her naughty friends’ erotic sleepover [Part 22] Her tongue conveys her urgent passion as she arches her back to open her pussy up even more. We aren’t fucking exactly; we’re pushing against each other…

“So do you!” she responds, gripping my face in both of her hands and pulling me down for a kiss. I continue pressing my hard dick into her as my chest comes to rest against her thick nipples and our mouths find each other.

Wrapping her legs around me, she digs her heels into my ass and pushes me further inside.

Her tongue conveys her urgent passion as she arches her back to open her pussy up even more. We aren’t fucking exactly; we’re pushing against each other like we could melt into one person. As she thrusts upward, I press downward like I’m trying to shove my entire body inside of her instead of just my dick. We grind against each other as our tongues fight for space in her mouth.

We’re moaning into each other’s mouth as our bodies wrestle with the overwhelming intensity of our incestuous passion. With her legs around my back, I reach under and grab her ass cheeks as I thrust deeper into her love canal.

“Fuck me, Lenny,” she gasps, breaking the kiss and rocking against my dick. “Fuck me like you own me!” she pleads. I slide my hands up her thighs and grip her behind the knees, pushing her legs up into the air. I withdraw my dick from her wet, smooth hole until just the head lingers between her pussy-soaked lips.

Then I push her ankles down until she is almost bent in half and slam my dick deep into her overheated pussy. Damn!

“Oh yeah!” she moans as I pound her pussy, crushing her clit with my pelvic bone on each downward thrust. I keep hammering my niece’s pussy with my swollen dick. I can’t remember ever being this hard. She keeps moaning and calling my name.

“Oh yezzz! Oh Lenny! Oh God!” she screams as I slam my dick in her again and again until we’ve both reached the point of no return.

“Oh God,” I breathe as I release her legs. She plants her feet on the mattress and arches her back as I hammer my dick into her pussy. Pulling me down for another kiss our bodies join together as she shoves her tongue in my mouth and I pound her pussy into submission.

“Oh Lenny! Oh Lenny!” Folake moans as we lose ourselves in our sexual gyrations. I slip my hands under her back, gripping her shoulders to keep her from hitting the headboard as I pounded her pussy.

“OHMYGOD!” Folake cries as her orgasm builds towards its crescendo. She’s got her arms around me and her feet planted firmly on her mattress as she thrusts her hips off the bed to meet my hammering thrusts.

“OH YEAH! OH YEAH! LENNY!” Folake screams, thrashing her head from side to side and digging her fingers into my back as her orgasm hits her full force. My balls tighten and it takes only a couple more of these forceful strokes for me to join her.

Damn! My dick twitch inside her warm pussy as she clamps her muscles tightly around it and puts me over the top. We ride out the waves of pleasure as I jerkily discharge my heavy load into my niece’s pussy.

Our sweat-soaked bodies move as one, milking every last drop of pleasure from our incestuous union. We gulp big breaths of air before our lips again find each other but there is no lustful urgency in this dreamy kiss, just contentment and… love. Yes, I love my niece in a very non-brotherly way.

“I love you” I tell her as our bodies settle into a comfortable stillness. My fatigued dick lingering inside of her as my body crushes her into the mattress.

She surprised me by pushing me off of her so soon. I was content to just lie here relaxing in my niece’s warm body but she apparently has other ideas. Now that it’s done, is she ashamed? Sorry that we went this far? Whatever her reasoning, she has me completely off of her and onto my back beside her.

Before I can ask what’s wrong, she’s moved between my legs and sucked my flaccid dick into her mouth, swirling it around with her tongue. Damn! That feels incredible.

“You recovered fast yesterday,” she says, taking a breath from my pussy-soaked dick.

“I want you inside me again as quickly as you can,” She smiles.

“That was sooooo good, Lenny!” She cups my balls as she sucks my dick back into her mouth and her tongue doesn’t stop moving until my dick has fully recovered.

“Aren’t you the man,” she smiles as she rush forward and straddles my legs. Her hand continues to wank up and down my rigid shaft.

“I love you” I tell her for the second time as she positions her soaked pussy over the head of my dick. The mixture of juices inside her pussy eases my entry and she impales herself on my hard dick in one swift motion.

“Of course, you do,” she laughs.

“Every guy loves the girl he’s fucking, at the time he’s fucking her. Tell me how you feel later on,” She adds as she wiggles around to get comfortable.

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