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Embarrassing Stuff! 7 things about the balls that guys keep to themselves



The balls are a very sensitive part of a man’s reproductive system, women who know how to stimulate them during oral sex or sex deserve the best in life. However, as important as they’re, there are some details about them that we would rather not to tell you.

According to Frank Kobola, Cosmopolitan, these are some of them that you we wouldn’t have given up easily.

1. They’re not the same size

Testicles are usually not the same size, they differ slightly.
(Fresh Plaza)

Just like one boob is bigger than the other, the testicles are not same size, one pair is slightly bigger than the other. It’s not big deal as well, the difference is barely noticeable too.

2. They’ve touched WC water

This is a possibility, and more importantly it wouldn’t be in your house. There are chances that the balls have come into contact with toilet water while we were using someone’s bathroom while water closet’s level of water is higher than usual. We wiped it though, but it still happened.

3. They expand and constrict

This perhaps happens a lot, this is mainly because of the temperature. There are times when the balls are as far away from the body that it possibly can and other times, it is very close to the body that it might just sneak back into the main body. Coldness makes it come close to the body while warmth sends it running far away.

4. They can get very sweaty

When we sweat, it goes everywhere… even down there.
(Getty Images)

You probably know this, it’s only normal since every other part of the body gets sweaty why not the balls just lingering off the body. It can be really bad idea down there too.

5. They can be stuck to the thighs

The skin can be sticky at times, so down there, it is also very possible that the skin of the testicle gets stuck against the thighs, when you see someone walking in a weird way for a while, it maybe because he’s trying to detach his balls from his thighs.

6. They are quite fragile

Like the movies have always revealed, the testicles are pretty much delicate. It’s actually very painful for anyone to get kicked in the balls, and they can get kicked into the main body, which can cause them to rupture. It’s very dangerous, don’t do it.

7. They get shaved

We also take care of the hair down there.

They get hairy as well, and guys regularly do manscaping, cutting away the hair, and it can be tricky not to cut yourself while trying to manscape the territory, it will always be a carefully done exercise no matter how frequently you do it.

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