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Couch Sex: 3 hot positions to rock your lover's boat


Apart from your bed, the couch is probably the most comfortable piece of furniture in your home, it is the best place where you’re most likely to share space with your partner.

So when next time you’re on the couch and feeling like getting it on, you don’t have to go all the way to the bedroom. strip off your clothes, and give one of these positions a try.

1. The couch cowgirl

Have your partner sit upright on the couch, then straddle them, bending your knees at their sides or wrapping them around their body. Then, take charge. But this position is not all about being rough and wild. This position is ideal for sharing slow, intimate kisses, as well as breast touching and caressing.

The couch cowgirl


2. The couch spooning

The spoon-style sex can be super intimate, warm, and cuddly. Spooning on the couch has even more advantages because It forces you to merge your bodies tighter and closer, offering more opportunities to touch and kiss. Meanwhile, they can reach around and play with your breasts or clitoris, or gently nip the back of your neck as you revel in the pleasure.

The couch spooning


3. The couch style oral sex

Moving oral sex from the bed to the couch is all about comfort. This is because there will be no more back or neck pain for the giving partner. Sit at the end of the couch, your back against the armrest and your body turned so you’re facing the opposite armrest, your feet up on the couch cushion. Your partner then lies perpendicular to you on their stomach, their mouth strategically ending up in your lap.

The couch style oral sex

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