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Church Affairs: Trials of Brother Abedi 2 (Part 2)



Eloho then spoke, after ending a call with someone, maybe a wedding planner.

“Oh my God”, she cried, “I need a full body massage. Planning this wedding has been so exhausting.”

Eloho slurred her words when she spoke. And she would flip her hair once, in every sentence that she made.

Come now“, Paul blurted, ” I would give you a massage.” He finished with a wink.

Paul abeg abeg abeg“, Eloho laughed, “I be virgin ooo. Na you and Yetunde go do that one.”

The pre dusk blackness had begun to set in when Abedi got into his car and drove home that evening, wondering over and over why he spoke when Yetunde was speaking.

This is why no girl wants to sleep with you, a voice in his head said.

When Abedi got home, he received a text from Natasha, it read: Abedi, no need to always send good evening texts. Most evenings I go to church and I don’t get back till it’s late. When I am free I would let you know.

He sighed. Abedi took off his tie and his shoes, and he went to bed, falling asleep immediately.

When Abedi woke up every morning, the first thing he did was wear his tie and the same white pair of shoes he wore everyday. He seldom took off his green shirt or his brown slacks for, and he always thought this, what was the point when he would still have to work in the same clothes?

The second thing Abedi did every single morning was hurry out to where Mama Amaka fried bean cakes. He liked them really hot, and these he would eat on his way out for the day. He would place a leather of hot akara in the passenger’s seat and he would eat as he went.

He never laid his bed nor did he ever bother with cleaning his apartment. He had grown weary of these tasks because he seldom had company at home.

Once or twice a week, he would brush his teeth, and on the occasion that he forgot, he would rinse his mouth with ‘coffee’ at work.

His apartment smelled stale, like there were dead and festering rats in every corner.

Strewn about were items of every kind, from books to empty wraps of biscuits, to maggots ridden food packs. The kitchen was an eyesore, dirty plates everywhere. Yet, somehow, Abedi still found a way to eat with one of those plates, daily.

It was odd because the items in his house were costly to get. His plasma TV alone cost up to a million naira.

But Abedi, despite being a lover of ostentation, was not someone quite adept at maintaining these things.

Little wonder then, why he didn’t have any friends.

Last night he had a dream where he saw himself proposing marriage to Eloho. She was happy, her cheeks were red. There were balloons everywhere and confetti fell on him. When she accepted his ring, the applause was rapturous and he took her in his arms, planting a deep kiss on her luscious, wet lips.

Good times.

He had never been with a virgin before. What might being with Eloho be like was what Abedi kept thinking as he drove his Mercedes into the church’s compound that evening.

He liked to be earlier than others, never a tardy man was Abedi.

The environment was quiet, empty, he could taste the harmattan breeze on his tongue. Dust motes circled about and Abedi trudged on without a care in the world.

He got to the church’s entrance and proceeded to the back, where the priests usually changed into their robes, where he usually smoked.

Down the pews he walked and up the dais, to the hall’s back door and out the narrow corridor that led to another set of rooms.

He was about lighting a cigarette, at the verandah where the air always kissed him tender, when he heard sounds of ecstasy.

Abedi took a hand to his mouth, and tongued the end of his cigarette.

His eyes wide open, he hurried along the corridor, to the room where the sound emanated from.

As he came, the sound grew louder, and louder, and the parquet finishing of the floors seemed to vibrate in tandem with every note that left her, whoever it was, lips.

He peeped through the keyhole, and what Abedi saw sent shivers up his spine.

Eloho lay holding her legs to her shoulders. Her eyes were closed and she was naked as her birthday. There was Yetunde too, who also gave Paul a blowjob, sucking on his dick like it was a drug, like her life was dependent on it.


Paul stood there in all of his raw masculinity, one of his hands behind his head and the other furiously drawing Yetunde into him. While Eloho furiously played with her pussy, as she watched Paul and Yetunde.

Abedi swallowed his own spit and took a hand to his dick. He couldn’t believe what his eyes were seeing and he had half a mind to barge into the room but he held calm.

Paul grabbed Yetunde like she weighed nothing more than a sack of feathers and he lifted her in the air, so that her butt was in his palms. She purred like a cat, a sweet smile on her face. Eloho moaned louder while this happened, rubbing her clit hard like it was a DJ’s rack.

Slowly, Paul eased the smallish, dark skinned Yetunde into his rock hard dick and it went in as smooth as can be.

Yetunde sighed in ecstasy.

Abedi could see her milky juices run down the length of Paul’s dick, trailing the same path the thick veins on his member took.

Up and down she went, again and again, the pah pah pah of skin slapping against skin was all that could be heard.

Her eyes appeared gleeful, joyful, like she was experiencing something that had never been experienced before.

Just when her sighs were about to get a tad louder, Eloho began to shake.

It was spastic, what appeared like a terrible epileptic feat. She trashed her legs about and she cried loud.

Ooooooooh fuuuuuuuuuuucckkk!“, Eloho cried.

Her legs were clasped together, with her right hand still between her legs.

It was in this moment that Paul put down Yetunde and proceeded to Eloho.

He clawed her legs apart, furiously, and he stared her down like some great predator.

No! No! Paul please!“, Eloho cried, her eyes wide open in panic. “Please I am getting married next week!

Paul was like a wrestler on steroids, and her pleas fell on deaf ears. He took his huge dick in one hand, and pressed it into Eloho. It went in, unperturbed. Eloho sighed in ecstasy.

Paul held her legs apart, at a hundred and eighty degrees, and right there on the priest’s table, he fucked Eloho like he had a point to prove.

It was in his eyes, the hunger, the way he pounded deep into her like she owed him some money.

She cried and she pleaded, but Paul never stopped.

The whole building shook with every thrust by him, and Yetunde lay on the ground, watching his hard butt clench and release, admiration on her face.

Abedi, who had been touching himself, had already released in his trouser when Yetunde started making towards the door.

Oh shit“, Abedi thought.

To be continued…

Written by Dear Mac.

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